Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • But Morrison didn#39;t shed his

  • baleraosreedhar
    12-18 03:59 PM

    I am sreedhar, I am in redlands ,inland Empire.

    Currently waiting for my PD to be current to apply for GC.

    My Details are

    PD Oct 2004 EB3
    I 140 Approved.

    looking forward for future conference calls.


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  • Matthew Morrison

  • manderson
    03-11 11:12 AM
    Napoleon, thanks for those great finds. I always suspected Self-Porting is possible but with too many caveats.

    Please see IV user unitednation's experience while skirting around self-employment / AC21 issues and dealing with "financial viability/ tax returns" type interview questions. He finally succeeded in getting his GC, which still gives me reason to believe that it's possible to be independent after EAD (if you can navigate the loopholes):


    Sorry if this is a repeat post/link.

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  • Matthew Morrison#39;s dream

  • amitjoey
    07-18 03:56 PM
    Hello All,

    Some food for thought.

    As I understand we (i.e IV) has 21000 members and 14000 active members. If even each active member contrubute $ 20 per month, that would be $ 420,000 per month or about $ 5 Mn per year.

    Imagine the miracles that we can do with that kind of fund!! And I am damn sure that we can afford $ 20 per month. Cost of few gallons of gas per month.

    Non contributing, active members! Please wake up atleast now and do some soul searching!!!

    Absolutely right, loved your post. There are thousands of new members and thousands of new ideas, new agendas, new campaigns that they want to implement. IV Core has an action plan, a legislative change plan, need $$$$ for lobbying, not new ideas.

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  • Matthew Morrison is Nothing

  • santb1975
    06-21 03:58 PM
    you rekindled our hopes on this funding drive

    another 100$ from IL
    PayPal Receipt ID: 70125366SU56XXXXX

    GO IV!!!!


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  • when Matthew Morrison#39;s

  • gc_on_demand
    03-12 11:25 AM
    Dear ItIsNotFunny,

    For committed people like you, we can request IV core for some special consideration.

    But I support this initiative. Just see the FOIA thread. We could not even pool up 5K and there are at least 5000 members out of which at least 500 active users.

    Unless there is some intiative like this, it will be impossible for pushing any lobbying activities. There are many people who wants every thing free.

    I support IV

    Then it may start corruption and some people may get access if they are friend of Admins or modetaror. Who is going to define criteria.. ItsNotFunny did good job no doubt but he also did good job at right time. So many members did good job in past but may not benifited becasue they did in past...

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  • But what about the guy who

  • ashutrip
    06-21 11:36 AM
    Checked with my lawyer. 20 cases pending since January. Atlanta..
    My Labor was filed April 15th, 2007. EB2. 'In process'.
    u mean 20 for the month of january?


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  • Will Schuester (Matthew

  • nirenjoshi
    03-05 05:04 PM

    Same here.. LUD=9/11/07

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  • with Matthew Morrison,

  • gapala
    09-09 10:15 AM
    [quote] to add to the conversation on the price -> locals are also experiencing a glut of money due to the economic boom in the last 5 years or so. Small businesses have really taken off in a big way exporting to Europe/ US. Investors in the stock market have also hit the jackpot. And, once you have money, for most Indians the safest option to invest is in property or gold.

    Also better salaries all around fueled by attrition of talent to the IT sector. [quote]

    This may be correct to certain extent but only the elite class and creamy layer of 1.8% of total population. When we look at the bigger picture of the country, I could not connect the dots. GDP is just above $2500 and PPP is about $3300. How in the world will you justify $200,000 to $300,000. Plus the cost of financing the purchase.

    In simple terms, median home price is 100 times the GDP and life expectancy in india is 70 years. average work life span is 40 years. Home Mortgages are 15, 20 or 25 years in India which will cover only 1/4th of the median price of a home based on even anticipated high GDP growth and considering moderate increase in cost of living. Given that the risk of default is huge and banks are running at very high risk. I believe buying a house is a big gamble in India and more to that for Banks, lending is also a big gamble.

    Note that according to banks, investment in apartments capitalize only over 25 years in india. (Rent vs. Own) Is this correct? Average rentals in ONLY Big cities are Rs. 12000 ($275 / month $3300 a year) to 15000 ($340 / month $4000 a year) for the same 1000 sqft 2 bedroom apartments which itself is above the GDP :). What that tells me, even the rentals are also not affordable to majority of the population. Back to captalization part 4000 * 25 = 100,000. which is half of the investment... add the alternate investment value for 25 years, capitalization will be way below 50%.
    That means it will take more than 50 years to capatilize the investment. This is more that Mod average work life span of 40 years. Note that Maintenance and Taxes for 25 years excluded in above calc. Are banks stupid?

    I do not know what to tell ya man! To me its really scary

    A small credit crunch (crisis is not required) might bring the entire economy to floor.

    fine print: (Above analysis applies only for working taxpaying people like us who does not have unaccounted money.)


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  • smisachu
    09-13 08:49 PM
    Yes, Can open an LLc or Inc even on H1. Make sure you look at tax laws in your state. A non operating entity also has to pay about $750/yr in Taxes (Varies from state to state) plus file annual reports etc all costing more $$$.

    So think it through before incorporating.

    With EAD ,can you register a LLC/Inc ? Has anyone tried this ?

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  • Matthew Morrison: Shirtless

  • sheelalann
    05-21 12:54 PM
    i have seen cases where date was ported only after the letter was sent


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  • sunsuri
    07-04 06:10 PM
    It would be helpful if you few addresses for senators so that everyone can send letters right away.

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  • Matthew Morrison! I#39;m jealous!

  • shivarajan
    03-07 02:50 AM
    Jai Ho..... "Iam alive again (and so do my hope)"

    This is what i like about "hope".... u just awaked the dead me~
    Sire, I will be hopeful till the last nanosecond until visa bulletin from mumbai consulate gets published! :-)


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  • Matthew Morrison#39;s snogging

  • GCwaitforever
    05-02 09:37 AM
    The only way to get the stimulus payment is to obtain a Social Security Number for �non-work� purposes. The SSA may issue an SSN to an alien under the following provision:

    20 C.F.R. � 422.104(a)(3)

    (i) You need a social security number to satisfy a Federal statute or regulation that requires you to have a social security number in order to receive a Federally-funded benefit to which you have otherwise established entitlement and you reside either in or outside the U.S.;


    The Social Security Administration is required by federal law to issue Social Security Numbers to legal aliens who require them to receive federally funded benefits under Section 205(c)(2)(B)(i)(II) of the Social Security Act, which states that the Social Security Administration is required to assign an SSN to �any individual who is an applicant for or recipient of a benefit funded in whole or in part with Federal funds.�

    Good job Admin2.

    Folks with ITINs,

    Please file for SSNs quoting this stimulus package and get the refund. If someone tries and SSA refuses, we can take it up with legislators or even pursue litigation.

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  • phugar
    05-09 05:44 PM
    can you please let me know what all immigration documents they asked for. My loan with WellsFargo is approved and is currently being underwritten


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  • Vsach
    07-14 09:40 PM

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  • Glee#39;s Matthew Morrison

  • jhokimi
    04-26 12:46 PM
    Filed in RIR DC on 04/28/2004. No 45 day letter yet!
    Anyone else from DC in the same case?


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  • Glee hunk Matthew Morrison

  • akilaakka
    12-10 03:31 PM
    Please see link below

    Visa Bulletin for January 2010 (http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4597.html)

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  • raydhan
    03-08 10:13 AM
    Here's the link for the live hearing of the Judiciary Committee


    Click on room Dirksen 226 and let everyone know what you hear. Not all have access to internet from work


    This is the right link. It is very clear today. Interesting discussion.

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  • Matthew Morrison who features

  • Pallavi79
    09-13 10:06 PM
    Eb2 people are highly qualified compared to EB3. I encourage EB2 people do the following before taking the action against eb3 to eb2.
    1.Get more GC numbers.
    2.Upgrade your self to EB1. So that you can get visas immediately.
    3.Fight for GC approvals in FIFO order.

    If you ignore above issues but focus on Eb3 to Eb2, you are definitely from EB2 and you want to fight for your own GC. Nothing else matters to you.

    07-23 03:32 PM
    Wow! Good for you! So when did you apply for your I-485? Please let us know the details so we can compare it with our situation. My husband is EB3 as well with PD Feb 2005 (Philippines). Thanks!

    my PD Aug 2004
    RD Feb 2005
    eb3 india
    Last fingerprint in March 2007

    fuzzy logic
    07-18 03:32 PM
    Hi everyone!

    I just realized that USCIS has made a mistake in I-140 approval notice. My labor and I-140 application was for EB-3. However, my lawyer made a mistake in checking EB-2 box instead of EB-3 box in the I-140 application. All other description and details were for EB-3.

    USCIS also sent an RFE to know whether the application is for EB-2 or EB-3. My lawyer promptly responded that it was an honest mistake and the application was for EB-3.

    Just today I realized that despite our response to RFE, USCIS gave and approval notice of I-140 for EB-2 and not EB-3.

    I don't know, if my lawyer has noticed this mistake yet. I want to apply for AOS now and don't want to draw my employer / lawyer attention to it as I don't know what their reaction will be.

    Can any one please advice me if this will have any adverse implication down the line? I am concerned as the approval is inconsistent with the labor approval that was with the intention of filing under EB-3. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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